Lyle's Project

Lyle's Project provides assistance to individuals who have a terminal illness and have no family or resources to take care of their final expenses. The program will assist with pre-planning, and we will pay for the arrangements out of the program budget. The patient may include any friends in planning. We will work with the funeral homes that we already have a working relationship with unless the patient has a funeral home that they would prefer. In some cases, we will provide assistance to bring the family to the hospital, hospice, or home if they live out of the area so that the patient has loved ones with them when they pass.

Lyle's Project was named in honor of a young man who died in 1987 of AIDS and had no family.  The program is designed so that nobody leaves this life without the dignity that they deserve.

Donations can be made to the fund by going to our donate page and making a note when you donate that your donation is specifically for Lyle's Project.